Details about the contract

Recruiting personnel is a matter of trust, and the same applies to contractual arrangements. Only when you have decided to invite a candidate to your premises for an interview will we talk about costs or conditions. After all, these depend on a number of criteria such as the candidate's qualifications and annual salary.
Once a contract has been negotiated, it will be notarized and deposited. Should a candidate prove not suitable during the interview in Ireland, then the only costs to be borne by you will be the contractually agreed expenses for his/her overnight stay, and a handling charge of €350 to be paid to selectXcess.
When a candidate has been found suitable and is employed on probation, the contract made between you and our company, and possibly the applicant, comes into force with the related payments and credit periods.
» We will discuss all contractual details with you well in advance and will treat them with absolute confidentiality. Our name is your guarantee.

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